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Practice Makes Perfect — Or Does It? Joe Dinoffer USPTA and PTR Master Professional As a junior tennis player it was always drilled into my head that “practice makes perfect.” So, without fail I would dutifully practice my hundreds of serves or forehands against a backboard, or with a hitting partner. So why weeks later […]

A game of tennis is considered by short periods of high intensity efforts combined with variable periods of recovery. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has established maximum rest times of 20 seconds between points, 90 seconds between changeovers and 120 seconds between sets. Matches can last upwards of three hours for women and four to […]

Where we now?, H.A.A.T Middle East

  By: Dejan Simic Tennis in the Middle East is a relatively new, and incredibly challenging market in the tennis world. There is a significant gap between the development of players in many countries of the region and the rest of the world. Why does this gap exist?  On one hand, large amounts of prize […]

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